FendOff - Keeping Files and Passports Privacy (Iphone & Android)

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Developed by Victor Solovyev (LinkedIn) and Iphone version with Ramzan Umarov

Download from Apple Itune Store: FendOff - Funuts Inc.

Download from Google Play Store: FendOff - Funuets Inc.

Fendoff is an application to create and use a personal encrypted archive of logins or information stored as images in Iphone.

In time when your encrypted messages often is decrypted by curious parties it is always useful to have some variety of encryption approaches.

Encryption (VSEM 1.0) is using a combination of 4 Various Secure Encryption Models such as one time pseudorandom pad, pseudorandom transpositions and other technique developed by Victor Solovyev in 2013 for applications to encrypt files and passwords and etc. ( Download MAC OS Application). The encryption is completely depends on the Master password created by the user and known only to the user. Note! If you lost your password nobody can help you to recover the original file. For useful information on key (password) length visit WikipediA.

Reliability hint: As OS system or other your computer software upgrades can stop any installed programs proper working, to prevent lost of your information it is recommended that you always made a copy of critical information and keep it out of network (on an external hard drive, for example).

Application support email: victorsolov@gmail.com

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