Wild West Chess
Cowboys vs Indians

It is one of ancient board games popular in the Wild West while advancing into new territories. The game goal is to bring your pieces to the last opposite row of the board with capturing maximum number of the enemy figures for minimum moves.

Cowboys move first, then players alternate moves.
Select (click) the figure you will move and after that click the destination position. Clicking the selected figure will unselect it.


Basic Move Warrior and Knight can move forward one square, if the square is unoccupied. It can move/capture an enemy piece on either of the two squares diagonally.

Knight Move Knight also can jump two squares forward (with capture if an enemy warrior is on the first square forward) and the second square is empty.

When any player has no possible moves the play is finished and Cowboy win if score is positive and Indian win if the score is negative.

Score: Capturing any piece: 1 point. A piece that reached the last opposite row: adds 2 points.

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It is available for Iphone and Android (advanced version with bombing option)

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